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Soldier's Medal

  • Two Soldiers risked all to save Boys Soldier Medals Awarded) (Sgt. 1st Class Antonio Murguia,  and Sgt. Christopher Burpee. May 01

  • Doctor receives Soldier's Medal for detaining attacker Dr. (Capt.) Reginald Baker - More May 01

  • Solider Medal Awarded John Horan, 1955 May 01
  • Family of hero soldier accepts medal in his honor Soldiers Medal – Sgt Joseph Crider Jul 01
  • Serving his Country Story and photos of Capt. Christine Dahyl, the nurse who received a Soldiers Medal for rendering first-aid to a B-54 crew members when their plane crashed in 1944 just inside Italy
  • Kosovo medic receives Soldier's Medal Sgt. Christine Roberts More Oct 01

  • Never leave them behind Col. Philip McNair awarded Soldier’s Medal for rescues at Pentagon on Sep 11 Oct 01
  • US Medal for British Soldier (Soldiers Medal) A British-born US soldier is to receive a prestigious American medal for saving the life of a young man.Private Janine Dunn, 36, will be awarded the Soldier's Medal. It is thought that she is the first woman and first foreigner to receive the medal. Private Dunn, who is a driver in the US Army Transport Regiment, rescued a civilian from a burning car in June 1998 Apr 00
  • Soldier's Medal awarded for rescuing girl Sgt. 1st Class Gary Ballew Mar 02

  • Air Force captain honored for bravery Four Soldier's Medals presented for Sep 11 attack on Pentagon. The first went to Air Force Capt. Susan Galvin, and the other three to Spcs. James Jones, Kenneth Pecquet and Kristopher Sorensen. According to military tradition, it is rare that an Air Force person receives a Soldier's medal  More Mar 02

  • Pentagon Survivor Honored Retired Navy Lt. Kevin Shaeffer and Army Sgt. 1st Class Steve Workman. Shaeffer was given the Purple Heart for burns and respiratory injuries he suffered when terrorists attacked the Pentagon Sept. 11. Workman received the Soldier's Medal for helping save Shaeffer's life. Shaeffer was the only person who made it out of the Navy Command Center alive Apr 02

  • Soldiers recognized for valor at Pentagon Sgt. 1st Class Donald S. "Steve" Workman, was honored April 26 in the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes, where he was presented the Soldier's Medal. Workman was credited with saving the life of then-Navy Lt. Kevin Shaeffer, who was also honored at the ceremony. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Vern Clark presented Shaeffer with the Purple Heart. More than 40 percent of Shaeffer's body was burned in the terrorist attack. Secretary of the Army Thomas White presented the Soldiers Medal April 25 to Col. George Zahaczewsky. More (Photo) (May 02)
  • Sept. 11 hero recalls Pentagon tragedy

    Story and photo of Staff Sgt. Christopher Braman who was awarded the Soldier's Medal and Purple Heart for his wounds and heroic deeds on Sep 11 (Sep 02)

    Military, civilians receive recognition for Sept. 11 sacrifice Seventy Pentagon personnel were honored Oct. 23, 2001 for their acts of bravery on Sept. 11 when a jetliner crashed into the Pentagon and sent a rolling ball of fire through its corridors. About half of the recipients received the Soldier’s Medal for rescuing people trapped in the burning inferno. Complete list of Recipients. Fort Riley Post


  • Soldier gets medal after 27 years Wilfred Hebert received the Soldier's Medal, the military's highest award for noncombat heroism. Hebert was 20 and home on leave from Fort Hood, Texas, on Jan. 3, 1975, when he saw a car on fire. There were three children inside — a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old. Hebert rescued each of them. When his superiors learned what happened, they recommended him for the Soldier's Medal. The medal was authorized June 18, 1975. (Nov 02)
  • Honoring a Hero 31 Years Later Karen Offutt saved several people from a fire in Vietnam in 1970. A month ago, she received the Soldier's Medal for Valor. More than 31 years after her 11-month tour of duty, she became possibly the first female veteran from Vietnam to receive the Soldier's Medal for Valor. The medal, which requires the same degree of heroism as the Distinguished Flying Cross, is given to those who risk their lives in situations where an opposing army is not involved. Offutt got the award for running barefoot into a burning Vietnamese hamlet near her barracks in Saigon on Jan. 24, 1970. She pulled out several adults and children who were trapped in their cardboard and beer can houses. She joined the Women's Army Corps, or WAC. Veterans of Foreign Wars records indicate only about 1,200 women served in the war in roles other than as nurses. Of those, only about 700 were WACs. St. Petersburg Times, May 7, 2001
  • Soldier's wreck heroics spark move to award him a medal The day after a Bethlehem-based National Guardsman risked his life to save a 22-year-old woman from a burning car, a fellow soldier set the wheels in motion to recognize him with the military's most prestigious peacetime honor. Maj. John Zuluaga, of Nazareth, said he has gotten the ball rolling toward honoring Eric Petrevich with the Soldier's Medal. Zuluaga said it can take up to a year before the medal, if the criteria are met, will be awarded. In the meantime, Zuluaga plans on honoring Petrevich with the Army Commendation Medal. Penn Live, PA - 9 Sep 2003

  • After more than 50 years, veteran gets his medalsls Milton McDuffie will not show off the medals he won during World War II, the Soldier's Medal, a Bronze Star, a World War II victory medal, others for combat and valor, the Philippine liberation. It is because McDuffie would rather talk about how everyone did their part for the war, that it was not just a singular effort. The Telegraph 11 Nov 03
  • Medical officer earns Soldier’s Medal Lt. Gen. James R. Helmly, chief of the Army Reserve, pins the Soldiers Medal on Capt. John Chovanes Dec. 1 at the Pentagon. Chovanes, a Soldier in the Army Medical Corps, voluntarily went down into the World Trade Center rubble the night of Sept. 11, 2001 to take care Army Public Affairs 2 Dec 03

  • Fort Bragg Soldier Receives Soldier's Medal For Heroism Sgt. Scott Smullen earned the Soldier's Medal -- the highest peacetime award for heroism. Back in April, Smullen ran through a minefield in Afghanistan to rescue a soldier who stepped on a land mine and lost his foot. WRAL 18 Dec 03

  • Close encounters with land mines, heroism earns two medals Sgt Scott Smullin has been awarded the Bronze Star and the Soldier's Medal for Heroism. The incident that led to the two awards came while Charlie Company of the 27th Engineering Battalion was clearing a minefield around Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Rutland Herald 23 Dec 03
  • NCO receives Soldier's Medal for minefield rescue Staff Sgt. Scott Smullen, while serving as a squad leader in C Company, 27th Engineer Battalion, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, risked his life to save an injured Soldier and was presented the Soldier's Medal by Lt. Gen. John R. Vines, XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg commander. Army Public Affairs 30 Dec 03
  • GI who saved two in Vietnam awarded posthumous medal Sept. 29, 1966, Staff Sgt. Sandy Sanders pulled a drowning South Vietnamese soldier out of the swift and dangerous Ba River. They had just reached shore when Sanders heard the screams of another Vietnamese soldier. For a second time, he dove into the treacherous water to drag a man to safety. In honor of those actions, the Army gave Sanders the Soldier's Medal. Sandy Sanders fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. His military service earned him many awards, including the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross, but his children said he cared little for medals or recognition. Fayetteville Online 11 Jan 04
  • Medal of Honor sought for fallen Alabama soldier People in several communities across south Alabama have signed petitions in recent weeks as a rolling billboard traveled the nation's highways in a push to award the Medal of Honor to a soldier from Conecuh County. U.S. Army Sgt. Troy Jenkins, a Repton native, died April 24 from injuries he had sustained days earlier in an explosion in Baghdad. According to military accounts provided to his mother, Connie Gibson, and to servicemen who were present, Jenkins, 25, threw himself on a cluster bomb brought to a group of soldiers by a child. The blast tore away one of Jenkins' legs and mangled his other limbs. Some soldiers have said that his action saved their lives and the lives of civilians, including children standing nearby. Within weeks of his death, Jenkins was granted the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and the Soldier's Medal for Heroism. al.com 25 Jan 04

    GI earns top medal for saving civilians A soldier from the 1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery Regiment earned the Soldier’s Medal — the highest medal awarded for noncombat heroics — last week for his actions following an April 27, 2003, car accident on B22. Sgt. Matthew Sims was driving to Würzburg on B22 when he saw two vehicles collide head-on. Both vehicles were traveling about 60 mph. estripes.com 8 May 04
  • Soldier honored for saving civilian's life Texas Guardsman is making room for some special honors. Sgt. Joseph Burkett rescued an elderly woman from a train track in Virginia. Burkett jumped into the Metro track bed and pulled the woman off less than a minute before a train would have hit her. Burkett was awarded the Soldier's Medal, an honor given for actions above and beyond the call of duty. news8austin.com 3 May 04
  • Paul Robinette, 78, Reserves officer, awarded medal for flood rescues Paul P. Robinette, 78, who was an Army Reserves officer when he received the coveted Soldier's Medal for risking his life to rescue Chagrin River flood victims has died. cleveland.com 12 Jun 04
  • Alumnus earns Bronze Star, Soldier's Medal for actions in Iraq Penn State Harrisburg graduate Gordon R. Moon has earned the Bronze Star and Soldier's Medal for his actions in Iraq with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division. Moon, a captain and company commander in Operation Iraqi Freedom, was awarded the Soldier's Medal for his actions in helping save a fellow soldier's life when a fire erupted in a captured munitions supply in Mosul. He was presented the Bronze Star for other actions during the conflict. live.psu.edu 28 Jun 04
  • Iowa Soldiers Nominated For Medals In Kosovo Efforts Two Iowa soldiers could receive Soldier's Medals. Spc. Jason Stoos (left) and Spc. Josh Pickner were members of a quick reaction force called out to protect a Serbian church from a violent mob in March and were among those who helped rescue an elderly Serbian couple from a burning home. theiowachannel.com 7 Jul 04
  • Sergeants earn Soldier's Medals after Baghdad UN Building bombed Maj. Gen. Walter Wojdakowski, V Corps deputy commander, pins the Soldier Medal on to Staff Sgt. Eric Hartman. Two Soldiers assigned to V Corps' 159th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion, received the Soldier’s Medal. Staff Sgt. Eric Hartman and Sgt. Douglas Holm received the medals for their actions Aug. 19, 2003, when they helped evacuate victims of the bombing of the United Nations building in Baghdad. army.mil 14 Oct 04
  • Two Crash Specialists Get Soldiers Medal For Heroism In Iraq An Army Reservist from Oklahoma is one of two members of a unit based in El Dorado, Kansas to be honored for heroism in Iraq. Sergeant Kenneth Miller of Ponca City and Staff Sergeant Chuck Elliott of Neodesha were presented the Soldier's Medal, the Army's highest award for non-combat heroism. Elliott and Miller are in the 323rd Engineer Detachment, a firefighting unit specializing in plane crashes. They were in a helicopter flying to the Baghdad airport a year ago when another helicopter was shot down. A rocket just missed their chopper as it landed near the twisted wreckage and Elliott began separating the dead from the injured, while Miller established defensive positions in case of an enemy threat. There were 20 survivors of the 36 soldiers on board the crashed helicopter. kotv.com 22 Nov 04

  • Soldier Medals Sergeant First Class Clint Wisdom and Sergeant Don Cleary were members of the Second Battalion, 130th Field Artillery based in Hiawatha. The two died November 8 when their vehicle was struck by a car bomb as they were protecting a convoy of dignitaries in Baghdad. The soldiers families will be presented with the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct Medal, and the Kansas Medal of Excellence. Approximately 350 soldiers from the unit have been in Iraq since February. In all, nearly 2,000 Kansas National Guard soldiers and airmen are deployed overseas. wibw.com 2 Dec 04

  • Two Receive Soldiers Medal for Lifesaving Heroism Army Staff Sgt. Spencer A. Howell, medic, and crew chief Army Spc. Eric S. Burns of the 507th Air Ambulance Company each received the Soldiers Medal on Dec. 18 in recognition of heroics performed on March 29. After hearing a loud noise and seeing a flash of light, the duo realized two helicopters had collided. After both pilots were released and carried to safety, Howell rendered medical aid to all four pilots and accompanied them to the battalion aid station. defenselink.mil 23 Dec 04
  • Three Alabama soldiers receive Army's highest peacetime medal Three Alabama Army National Guardsmen will receive the Army's highest peacetime medal for their acts of heroism during Hurricane Ivan, when they rescued a pregnant woman who was about to give birth and a severely ill man. Maj. Gen. Mark Bowen will present the Soldier's Medal to Master Sgt. James Swann of Greenpond, Sgt. Paul Barnes of Mobile and Spc. Darryl McNeal of Theodore. al.com 14 Apr 05

  • CW2 White Vowed to Never Leave a Fallen Comrade Chief Warrant Officer Kyle R. White will receive the prestigious Soldier's Medal for his heroic search and rescue efforts on January 25, 2004 aimed at recovering two fellow pilots whose plane crashed in the Tigris River while on a combat search and rescue mission in Iraq. While on a search and rescue mission to recover a Soldier whose boat had capsized, Chief Warrant Officer Kyle White found himself in a dire situation when his fellow rescue aircraft crashed into the Tigris River. Faced with rescuing the pilots of the initial search and rescue mission, Chief Warrant Officer White sprang into action. He acquired a boat from a local national and made his way to the crash site, at which he tied a rope around his waist and entered the water to search for his fallen comrades. He remained at the site for the next several days to aid in the search, and was instrumental in briefing the Naval Dive Team tasked with recovering the crew. He also used his knowledge of the crash site and river currents to assist in developing a search grid of the area. prnewswire.com 10 May 05

  • Army chief awards Rangers for valor Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker congratulates Staff Sgt. David M. Edwards, 3rd Bn., 75th Ranger Regt., after presenting him with the Silver Star. Edwards was awarded the Silver Star while serving as a squad leader for the task force. Edwards’ unit was conducting combat operations when his element came under an intense enemy attack. According to the citation, while under direct fire, his outstanding leadership, dedication to duty and commitment to excellence were fundamental in saving the life of a wounded Ranger and success of the task force. Capt. Christopher A. Molino was awarded the Silver Star while serving as the ground commander when his Soldiers were attacked. Molino was conducting combat operations when his element came under direct small arms and hand grenade fire from a determined enemy. According to the award citation, Malino'a personal courage, tactical expertise and professional competence contributed to saving the lives of wounded Rangers and the success of the task force. The Soldier’s Medal was presented to Sgt. Mark T. Alperin while serving as a mortar platoon squad leader in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. This medal is awarded for personnel who distinguish themselves by heroism involving personal danger and the voluntary risk of life, though no contact with the enemy was made. This award requires the same level of heroism as the Distinguished Flying Cross. According to the award citation, Alperin displayed the highest degree of professionalism, sound judgment, technical and tactical knowledge and an overwhelming concern for the welfare of his Rangers. His exceptional performance and dedication to duty were contributing factors in saving a Ranger and success of the task force. Bronze Star Medals for Valor were awarded to 11 Rangers for actions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This medal is awarded for heroic actions. Awardees were: Sgt. 1st Class Andrew T. Bristow, Sgt. Jeremiah A. Dagel, Cpt. John F. Detro, Sgt. Ian B. Hunter, 1st Lt. Ryan M. Kelly, Spc. Casey M. Loose, Staff Sgt. Joseph G. Lynch, 1st Sgt. Edward L. Noland, Staff Sgt. Michael N. Rach, Spc. Webster J. Slavens, and Staff Sgt. Jared N. Van Aalst. Sixteen Rangers received the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, awarded for a valorous act distinguished by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. army.mil 22 Nov 05
  • 1st ID sergeant receives Soldier’s Medal for heroism Army Staff Sgt. War E. Mobley, Jr., 1st Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment, receives the Soldier’s Medal during a Wednesday awards and promotion ceremony in Friedberg, Germany. Pinning on the ribbon is his wife, Senait, and Command Sgt. Major Mark K. Schindler. GI made valiant attempt to rescue comrades from burning tank. estripes.com 2 Sep 05

  • Vietnam veteran 'welcomed home' In 1968, Erna La Belle received a letter from her son, Frank, who was serving in the Vietnam War for the U.S. Army. "He wrote me a letter and said 'Mom, nothing's happening here. I just put out a small fire,'" Mrs. La Belle said. It wasn't until a month later when she received a letter from the Red Cross with congratulations on her son's heroism that Mrs. La Belle found out that "small fire" was in an ammunition dump. On Oct. 16, 2005, approximately 37 years later, she watched as Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick pinned the Soldier's Medal on her son's chest in the living room of his Quakertown home. berksmontnews.com 18 Oct 05
  • Slain RP peacekeeper given high US award Staff Sgt. Antonio Batomalaque received the Soldier’s Medal posthumously, becoming the first Filipino to earn the highest US award for noncombat gallantry. In a citation read by Lt. Commander Victor Loschinkohi, US President George W. Bush cited the Filipino scout ranger for making the ultimate sacrifice when he used his body as a shield to cover his fellow peacekeepers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on April 14 this year. He was 39 when he died. “Staff Sgt. Batomalaque exposed himself to incoming rounds... to provide covering fire for Colonel (Robert) Casias and his fellow soldiers... His selfless heroism, valor and devotion to duty during the firefight against Haitian criminal gangs are deserving of the Soldier’s Medal and reflect great credit upon himself and the Philippine Army,” the citation read. Batomalaque’s courageous act allowed Casias, who was then deputy operations officer of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, to crawl forward to a covered position to avoid the line of fire. manilastandardtoday.com 16 Dec 05

  • Soldier gets medal for helping victims of auto accident Better late than never, as the saying goes. But for four people trapped in a burning vehicle after careening off icy roads in January 1996, Capt. Kevin Beagle showed up just in time. Nearly 10 years after the accident, Beagle was presented with the Soldier's Medal at a ceremony at the Billings Armed Forces Reserve Center. billingsgazette.com 21 Dec 05
  • Two at Fort Eustis awarded Soldier's Medals for rescue Army Spc. Aaron Wittrock, left, and Spc. Andrew Roe, back left, are congratulated after receiving Soldier’s Medals. Wittrock and Roe retrieved six Afghan men from a burning building at the Kandahar airport during a year long deployment. It was April 4, 2005 , during a training exercise. Then: flames. Three soldiers ran to the building, then inside. Using basic commands in Pashtu , the local language, the MPs from Eustis’ 202nd MP Company ordered the men trapped inside to get out. The building apparently had been ignited by a blowtorch on the roof, where repairs were being made.home.hamptonraods.com 23 Jan 06
  • Fort Eustis Soldiers Awarded For Valor Two Fort Eustis soldiers who rescued a group of Afghan men from a burning building have received Soldier's Medals. Army Specialists Aaron Wittrock and Andrew Roe received the honors for their actions at the Kandahar airport in April 2005. Roe is a 20-year-old native of Newkirk, Oklahoma. Wittrock is 22 and he's from Savage, Minnesota. The men were completing a training exercise when they saw flames burst from a nearby building. They ran inside the burning building and pulled six local men out to safety. Officials later determined the fire had been started by a blowtorch on the roof where repairs were being made. wtkr.com 25 Feb 06

  • Cop Who Is War Vet Recognized For Off-Duty Heroism A Los Angeles police sergeant and decorated Iraq war veteran has been honored for saving disabled people from a burning hotel nearly eight years ago. Sgt. Martin B. Spann was presented with The Soldiers Medal for heroism outside enemy conflict. Spann saved several people from a Los Angeles hotel on December 11, 1998. He was off-duty at the time and was treated for burns and smoke inhalation. He was nominated for the medal after the fire, but the paperwork was lost. cbs2.com 22 Apr 06

  • Arkansas Guardsman Receives Soldier's Medal for Bravery To Sgt. 1st Class Curtis Haines of Hope, Ark., being presented the nation's highest awards for non-combat related bravery. He earned the honor for his actions in the aftermath of a car bomb explosion at a military checkpoint in Baghdad, Iraq, May 6, 2004. After getting word of the detonation, then Staff Sgt. Haines led his squad to the scene and quickly secured the site. Disregarding his own safety, Haines dove into a burning vehicle to extract an Iraqi citizen who was seriously injured and on fire. Haines pulled the person away from the raging fire and carried him over 50 yards to safety before immediately administering medical aid. He transferred the citizen to more qualified medical personnel, ultimately saving the man's life, and then went right back to work, directing his troops and extending the area perimeter.emilitary.org 30 May 06
  • Solider earns medal for saving two lives Fort Riley soldier was recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty and was awarded the Soldier's Medal. Sergeant First Class Ted Steckler jumped into Milford Lake last April and saved a kid from drowning. Just two weeks later, during a training accident in the field, he pulled fellow soldiers from a vehicle. 49abcnews.com 23 Jun 06

  • Honored for Valor Staff Sergeant Curtis H. Haines exhibited heroism on May 6, 2004, when, in the aftermath of a vehicular bomb incendiary explosive device at Checkpoint 11, he jumped into a fiery car and pulled a burning Iraqi civilian from the car that had just exploded. He received the Soldier's Medal Award, the first Arkansas soldier to receive such an honor since World War II. hopestar.com 22 May 06

  • Sheboygan soldier earns prestigious medal A soldier has been awarded one of the Army's most prestigious medals for risking his life trying to save three fellow soldiers from a fiery vehicle crash in Iraq last year. Sgt. Jeffrey Diederichs, 37, was awarded the Soldier's Medal in front of more than 600 members of his battalion and five visiting generals. Diederichs, who received the medal with Staff Sgt. Tyler Gerrits, 26, of Green Bay, is only the fifth soldier to receive the medal in Operation Iraqi Freedom. sheboygan-press.com 20 Jun 06

  • How Does My Lai Compare to the Incident at Haditha- What transpired at My Lai? Company C of the 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, which was part of the 11th Infantry Brigade, 23rd Division was commanded by Capt. Ernest Medina. His men, expecting to find the VC force, instead found women, children, and old men. Medina’s men, particularly those in 1st Platoon led by 1st Lt. William Calley, Jr., ran wild. They indiscriminately shot people and then rounded up survivors, led them to a ditch and shot them. More villagers were killed when their huts and bunkers were destroyed by fire and explosions. The killing only ceased when helicopter pilot Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson landed his chopper between the soldiers and the fleeing Vietnamese. According to a museum at My Lai 504 Vietnamese perished that day. In 1998 Hugh Thompson and two other members of his chopper crew were awarded the Soldier’s Medal for gallantry, the seventh highest award a soldier can earn. hnn.us 2 Jul 06

  • Local veteran receives medals from wife of US senator Late was most certainly better than never for one World War II veteran who was honored. Retired Cpl. Kohn Whitley got a bevy of medals during the brief ceremony. In addition to his American Campaign medal and commendations for working with tanks and being a carbine gunner, Whitley received the Soldier’s Medal and the Silver Star. irontontribune.com 22 Jul 06

  • Medal-winning Tucson GI a lifesaver There's a humming noise a cable makes when it is about to snap. On an awful morning in Iraq, the sound echoed in Kraig Lemme's head. When he heard it, the 24-year-old Tucson soldier was chest-deep in filthy water, standing atop an Abrams tank that had flipped into a canal with three crew members inside. The peril Lemme put himself in to help rescue his comrades that day has earned him one of the Army's highest honors for heroism not involving enemy contact. Here was awarded the Soldier's Medal. azstarnet.com 26 Sep 06
  • Ft. Gordon sergeant awarded Soldier’s Medal for bravery Sgt. 1st Class Christine Gilson doesn’t consider herself a hero. “I did what needed to be done – a life was at stake, and I wasn’t going to let someone perish,” said Gilson, who was awarded the Soldier’s Medal for rescuing a neighbor from a house fire Nov. 6, 2005. Last autumn, Gilson, a drill sergeant with the 297th Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Gordon, Ga., was relaxing at home when she heard unusual noise outside her apartment. When she looked out, she saw someone trying to throw a chair through her neighbor’s window. “I thought there was a fight going on,” she said. “I knew something was wrong because I’d just seen my neighbor 30 minutes before.” Meanwhile, the night manager hurried to her neighbor’s door, but when he opened it, clouds of smoke poured out. Gilson retrieved a flashlight from her truck and headed into her neighbor’s home. Finding him unconscious on the floor, she pulled him from the flames to safety. Her neighbor suffered burns on two-thirds of his body and spent five days in the burn unit at Doctors Hospital before being transferred to a Veterans Administration Hospital out of state. Gilson, who hails from Louisiana and is a 16-year Army veteran, said she was surprised to have received the medal. “To me, that day was just another day in the life of a Soldier,” she said. www4.army.mil 25 Sep 06
  • Army nominates Fort Bragg soldier for highest award for valor Army Capt. Bryan Ash watched in horror as the van in front of him flipped several times as it tumbled down an embankment. After stopping his car, the 39-year-old Huntington native stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., saw a man hanging upside down from the mangled van. He appeared to be unconscious. As Ash ran toward the man, the van burst into flames. Ash said he crawled on his belly to reach the driver, but thick smoke kept him from being able to unhook the man's seat belt. He backed off, but went back in and managed to free the driver on his second try. He pulled the driver from the burning van and with the help of another passer-by, they dragged the injured man from New Jersey up to the highway minutes before the van exploded. For his efforts, Ash's superiors at Fort Bragg are recommending him for the Soldier's Medal, the Army's highest award for valor in a stateside, non-combat situation. heraldsun.com 18 Oct 06
  • Omaha Soldier To Recieve Medal For Saving Lives In Iraq A National Guard soldier from Omaha will be honored for evacuating Iraqi poll workers from a burning building at the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. The Nebraska National Guard said Sergeant Steven Stienike is credited with saving at least four people when the fire broke out on October 10th, 2005. At the time, Stienike was in Iraq for a one-year tour of duty with the Nebraska Army National Guard's 67th Area Support Group based out of Lincoln. He returned home in the fall. Governor Dave Heineman will present Stienike with the U.S. Army Soldiers Medal. ketv.com 14 Jan 07
  • Fort Knox Master Sergeant Saves Trainees, Earns Soldier's Medal Master Sgt. Jose Rodriguez Ramos doesn't remember the Mustang heading toward his trainees. He doesn't remember grabbing one trainee and pushing him out of the way, or the car slamming into him. At the time, Rodriguez Ramos - who has spent 23 years in the Army since he joined from his childhood home in Puerto Rico - was the first sergeant for Fort Knox's Company B, 2nd Battalion, 46th Infantry Regiment, a job he'd held for about a year and a half. On May 5, he and one of his drill sergeants were near the post's Victory Field, administering a last-chance Army Physical Fitness Test to five trainees on the morning of their basic training graduation. That's when the Mustang, driven by a Soldier who was impaired by alcohol he had consumed the night before, changed everything. Rodriguez Ramos can't tell anyone what happened. Because of the injuries he suffered when the car hit him, he can't remember anything that happened. He remembers driving home after his unit's "family day" held the day before, and he remembers regaining consciousness in the hospital many days later. Ramos has been awarded the Soldier's Medal for his actions. army.mil 23 Jan 07
  • Army medical instructor receives Soldier's Medal for Benning ... Accepting the Soldier's Medal for his gallant attempt to rescue a drowning motorist from a Fort Benning creek was a bittersweet moment in the life of Staff Sgt. Jeffry Feliciano. Feliciano was driving near the Post Exchange on Marne Road in April 2005 when he noticed a crowd gathering at the bridge that crosses Upatoi Creek. Told that a car had plunged into the frigid and rain-swollen waters of the creek, Feliciano rushed down the 30-foot embankment and dove into the stream. The sergeant and two others were able to drag the driver out of his car and Feliciano, who has medic training, applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the victim until rescue personnel arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, the driver was dead upon arrival at the hospital. ledger-inquirer.com 26 Jan 07
  • United States - SF soldiers recognized for valor in battle Lt. Gen. Robert Wagner, commanding general of Army Special Operations Command, presented a host of awards, including two Silver Stars, one Soldier’s Medal and 11 Bronze Stars for valor.  Group Support Company, Seventh Special Forces Group, was recognized with the Meritorious Unit Commendation. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Angel DeJesus and Staff Sgt. Erasmo Espino Jr. from 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, were awarded the Silver Star for their actions during a May 19 ambush. The Silver Star is the Army’s third-highest medal for combat valor. When their detachment was attacked by as many as 200 enemy fighters, DeJesus and Espino orchestrated a fighting escape and saved many lives, the news release said. The Soldier’s Medal, the Army’s highest recognition for heroism unrelated to combat, was presented to Staff Sgt. Gary Wedemann, who earned the award for his actions on a combat rescue operation in May 2005.

    Wagner also presented Bronze Stars for valor to:

    • Sgt. 1st Class Michael A. Bergstrom

    • Staff Sgt. Elisha R. Bremmer

    • Warrant Officer Luis Chamorro

    • Staff Sgt. Jose A. Guitierrez

    • Sgt. 1st Class Carl F. Harris

    • Staff Sgt. Mark R. Hawver

    • Staff Sgt. Craig G. Kubala II

    • Sgt. 1st Class Antonio D. Pastor

    • Staff Sgt. Brandon B. Pechette

    • Staff Sgt. James H. Sanchez

    • Sgt. 1st Class Joseph A. Serna

    Seventeen soldiers received Purple Hearts:

    • Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Binney

    • Sgt. 1st Class Melvin Candelario

    • Sgt. 1st Class John Fishetti

    • Warrant Officer Luis Chamorro

    • Staff Sgt. Craig G. Kubala II

    • Staff Sgt. James H. Sanchez

    • Sgt. 1st Class Eric C. Horton

    • Sgt. 1st Class Joseph A. Serna

    • Sgt. 1st Class John C. Hunnings

    • Capt. Matthew N. Johnsen

    • Sgt. 1st Class Richard Lopez

    • Sgt. 1st Class Darren S. Markwick

    • Warrant Officer James A. Mayernik

    • Sgt. 1st Class Sean D. Mullins

    • Sgt. Joshua S. Parton

    • Sgt. Jimmie L. Russel

    • Sgt. 1st Class Oscar B. Wynne

    Sanchez and Johnsen received double awards of the Purple Heart.

    Soldiers who received double Commendation Medals for Valor were:

    • Master Sgt. Keith Fedo

    • Sgt. 1st Class Sean D. Mullins

    • Sgt. 1st Class Joseph A. Serna

    Soldiers who received the Army Commendation Medal for valor were:

    • Staff Sgt. Ariel Aponte

    • Capt. James D. Ballard

    • Staff Sgt. Elisha R. Bremmer

    • Sgt. Dustin E. Davis

    • Warrant Officer Luis Chamorro

    • Capt. David W. Gunther

    • Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Hankel

    • Staff Sgt. Robert Martinez

    • Sgt. 1st Class Johnny Moses

    • Staff Sgt. David M. Nolan

    • Sgt. 1st Class Donnie M. Ochiltree

    • Sgt. 1st Class Eddy Rojas

    • Staff Sgt. Rumaldo Rosas III

    • Staff Sgt. James H. Sanchez armytimes.com 23 Feb 07

  • Soldier who rescued family of 8 receives medal Staff Sgt. Thomas Broadbent was at the right place at the right time in the early morning hours of March 9, 2007. Broadbent was traveling back to his office in Fort Hood, Texas, when he noticed a house on fire. Through his heroism that day, the lives of eight people were saved. For that selflessness, he has been awarded the prestigious Soldier's Medal. On that evening, he was on the freeway when he noticed the quaint brick and stucco home on fire on a large piece of property. "I noticed there were no emergency vehicles at the home," said the 36-year-old. "While dialing 9-1-1, I drove right up to the home, got out and kicked in the door." Upon walking into the home, Broadbent saw much of the house was engulfed in flames. "I went in yelling for people to get out and as I was doing that a little boy came out into the hall," he said. Using flames as his light, Broadbent made two trips into the home and saved the family of eight, the youngest being a 7-month-old boy. Once the family was safe, Broadbent drove away, returning to his assignment as an Army criminal investigator. On Feb. 1, Broadbent, who served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2004-2005, was awarded the Soldier's Medal, given to a member of the armed forces who has distinguished himself by heroism at personal risk, not in a combat situation. dailybulletin.com 16 Mar 08
  • David Berry Soldier's Medal David Berry, Soldier's Medal Recipient, Killed in Iraq Last month in Iraq, insurgents killed a Kansas man who was quiet and heroic publicly, but also known as a life-long jokester. Though National Guardsman David Berry was always reluctant to talk to strangers, he was plenty bold when it came time to rescue one. Four years ago, he pulled an unconscious man from a flaming pickup truck that was wrecked on a remote stretch of highway near Wichita.  Berry won the Soldier's Medal for saving the man's life. Berry's life was taken late one night last night near Bagdad. 
  • Soldier's Medal Sgt. Christopher Cafaro Soldier cited for valor before he deployed Col. Sean MacFarland, commander of 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division pins the Soldier's Medal on Sgt. Christopher Cafaro, at a ceremony in Friedberg, Germany. Cafaro was awarded the Army's highest peacetime honor for saving lives during a fire at the Joint Maneuver Training Center in Hohenfels, Germany in October, 2005. estripes.com 6 mar 07
  • Col. Michael Bartley awards Staff Sgt. Scott White with the U.S Army Soldier's Medal May 10 at Nellis Air Force Base Airman saves four lives, earns Soldier's Medal A staff sergeant from the 99th Civil Engineering Squadron here was awarded the U.S. Army Soldier's Medal for saving the four Soldiers' lives.  On June 15, 2006, while deployed to Forward Operating Base Falcon, Iraq, three EOD Airmen were returning to FOB Falcon after disarming an improvised explosive device. They were in the second vehicle of a five-vehicle convoy when the convoy came to a narrow road beside a water-filled canal.  "We were driving along in my team's Hummer when we realized that we had become the lead vehicle. So everyone started looking around to try to find out what had happened to the actual lead. Then the dust settled and we saw the lead Hummer in the canal," Sergeant White said. Once Sergeant White realized what had happened, he and Tech. Sgt. David Fitzgerald, from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, jumped into the canal.  After removing the gunner, driver, and back passenger, and all the weapons, Sergeant White realized that the team they were saving consisted of four people, the team chief, who sits in the passenger seat, was submerged and was unable to free himself of his restraints. Sergeant White ran back to the vehicle got the team chief free from his restraints. For the next five hours, Sergeant White performed perimeter security duty until the recovery team arrived to retrieve the disabled vehicle. Sergeant White was also the recipient of a Purple Heart on the same deployment. af.mil.16 May 07
  • ND Sergeant Receives Soldier`s Medal A North Dakota soldier was given a special award at the Capitol. Staff Sergeant Justin Lampert earned the Soldier`s Medal for his actions in saving the lives of others. Lampert was vacationing in Las Vegas when he stopped a gunman who began firing at bystanders in the New York-New York hotel and casino on July 6. Governor Hoeven expressed his gratitude. "In a crowded environment where people are being shot, he steps up risks his life," Hoeven says. "He takes care of the situation and he saves others. We talk about heroes. That`s a hero." kfyrtv.com 14 Mar 08
  • Medals go to heroes of Iraq rollover More than four years after the fact, the Army got around to decorating two men who saved the lives of five fellow soldiers and spared the Army's first Stryker brigade from further calamity on its combat debut in Iraq. Staff Sgt. William Rose and Brett Moore were each presented with the Soldiers Medal for heroism for rescuing their comrades from a Stryker that flipped into an irrigation canal near Samarra. Because they reacted so quickly, because they didn't take the time to think better of it, five of our fellow soldiers are alive today. The accident occurred Dec. 16, 2003, early in the 3rd Brigade's first tour in Iraq. thenewstribune.com 25 Mar 08
  • Campbell GIs receive Soldier’s Medals Smoke and flames did nothing to deter two Fort Campbell, Ky., soldiers from choosing to risk their lives to save someone else’s. Their bravery on the home front was rewarded at a Fort Campbell where each received a Soldier’s Medal, an award for heroism not involving conflict with an enemy. The soldiers, Sgt. Jerry Klatt and Sgt. Tom Hayes, are with 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, both veterans of tours in Iraq.  Returning to post with his stranded comrades, Sgt. Eric Santiago and Spc. Jeremy Brower, Klatt rounded a corner and saw the undercarriage of a car lying on its side with the driver’s door against the ground. “The accident was right on the border of post. The driver had veered off the road, I guess he lost control, and made a sharp right into the post of this big yellow swing gate,” Klatt said. The driver, Pfc. Craig Bowers, was alone, unconscious, bleeding, belted into his seat and pinned in by several loose items, including his rucksack, that had landed on him in the crash. There were flames coming out of the undercarriage, said Klatt, who parked his vehicle and ran toward the 2-door sports car with Santiago and Brower. While Santiago went to find a fire extinguisher, Brower began kicking the car’s back window and Klatt peered into the passenger window to check on his fellow soldier. They dragged him about 75 yards away from the car and within three minutes, Klatt said, “the car was completely engulfed in flames.” Twelve days later in another part of town, Sgt. Tom Hayes, 28, was driving back to Fort Campbell after a burrito lunch when he saw a good deal of smoke coming from a house. “As I was driving by I saw flames coming from the back of the house,” said Hayes, who is with 563rd Aviation Support Battalion. The situation was developing quickly and there were no fire engines on the scene so Hayes drove to the end of the one-way street and doubled back, unable to driver over the center median in his sports car. When he got to the house, a neighbor who was calling emergency services on his cell phone didn’t know the name of the street, so Hayes ran to the end of the street and back to get the name. “I heard a lot of banging and glass breaking so I knew there was someone inside the house,” Hayes recalled. Within moments, he had decided to walk through the front door where he found two men trying to move the home’s disabled occupant down the front hallway through thick smoke. “They were trying to drag him, he was an older disabled guy with a scooter,” Hayes said. He estimated the man weighed about 275 pounds. Once outside the front door, Hayes said, one of the men who was helping ran away gasping for air and he and the second man, plus a third who came to help, dragged the victim to safety. armytimes.com 12 Mar 08
  • Haltom Junior ROTC instructor receives medal for capturing bank robber Master Sgt. Donald Murrah knew something wasn’t quite right. He was in the parking lot of a north Fort Worth bank, chatting with a fellow soldier, when he saw a bearded man wearing a hat, heavy jacket and long pants get out of a taxi cab, carrying a briefcase. "I said, 'Look at that guy. I think he is going to rob the bank,’ " Murrah said.  Moments later, the man ran out of the bank brandishing a gun and attempted to carjack a van occupied by a woman and two children. Murrah grabbed him by the collar and slammed him to the ground, while his friend, retired 1st Sgt. David Long, wrestled his gun away. "I just reacted," Murrah said. ". . . I don’t know why I reacted, but I did." Murrah — who retired from the Army in October and is now a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor at Haltom High School — received the Soldier’s Medal for heroism during a short ceremony at the school. star-telegram.com 19 Feb 09
  • Army Awards 7 Fort Campbell soldiers for heroism The Army Chief of Staff presented seven Fort Campbell soldiers with awards for their heroism in Iraq and at home. Silver Star and two received Soldier's Medal. One soldier was awarded the Bronze Star. Two of the Silver Stars were presented to Sgt. Raphael J. Collins and Spc. Brendan T. Quinn—they fought off six armed men and saved the lives of their team members during an attack on Jan. 6, 2008, near Balad. First Lt. Nicholas Eslinger, a West Point graduate from Oakley, Calif., was awarded the Silver Star. He was leading a patrol on foot in Samarra, Iraq, north of Baghdad, when a grenade was tossed in the middle of his platoon. "I saw the hand come over the wall and I quickly did a hop, skip and a jump and landed on my side pinning the grenade between the ground and my chest," Eslinger said. Eslinger was able to grab the grenade and toss it back over the wall, where it exploded seconds later. No soldier was killed or wounded that night. Silver Star was awarded to Staff Sgt. Mark Quigley. The Soldier's Medals were awarded to Sgt. Barrett M. Kerr and Sgt. Stephen Noble. Noble help pull a motorist from a burning vehicle near the military installation on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line in 2007. mercurynews.com 16 Mar 09
  • Ore. soldier honored for bravery in mall shooting Sgt. Johnny Palmer had been back from Iraq for only five days when he heard shots fired in a Tacoma, Wash., mall in November 2005. While most people fled, Palmer and two other members of his unit went farther inside, helping guide shoppers to safety and dressing the wound of a shooting victim. The Dorris, Calif., resident received the Soldier's Medal during a ceremony in Klamath Falls. The award is given to soldiers who perform heroic acts not involving enemy combat. Palmer says he and fellow soldiers were only doing what they were trained to do. ktvz.com 7 Dec 08
  • Wainwright soldier earns medal for rescue A Virginia soldier stationed at Fort Wainwright has been awarded the Soldier’s Medal for rescuing a comrade trapped in a Stryker vehicle that rolled into an Iraqi canal. Spc. Ricardo Farrell of Annandale dove into what soldiers call the “hell hole,” a small opening between the compartment and driver’s seat, to rescue his driver. Farrell was on combat patrol in a Stryker vehicle Dec. 22 when the driver swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The vehicle rolled into a canal, leaving a foot of breathable air in the rear of the vehicle. Farrell says he heard the driver shouting for help and then go silent. He dove in, moved gear out of the way and pulled the driver out by his arm and body armor. armytimes.com 29 Jun 09
  • Reserve soldier honored for Parkland fire rescue An Army Reserve soldier who rescued a 5-year-old boy from a burning home in Parkland will be given the Soldier's Medal. Staff Sgt. Richard A. Giertz Jr. was in a car driving through Parkland on Feb. 15 when the driver noticed a house fire and they stopped. When a man said his son was trapped inside, Giertz broke a window, carried the boy out and helped firefighters give first aid. Giertz was later treated for cuts and smoke inhalation he suffered during the rescue. seattletimes.nwsource.com 2 Oct 09
  • Col. Bill Coultrup, commander of Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines, pins the Soldier’s Medal on Staff Sgt. Ruben D. Gonzalez NCO gets Soldiers Medal for Rescue An American noncommissioned officer deployed to the U.S. Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines was awarded the Soldier's Medal Nov. 27 for risking his life to save three Philippine college students from drowning last year. Staff Sgt. Ruben D. Gonzalez heard calls for help Sept. 30, 2007, along the shores at Naval Station Zamboanga in the Southern Philippines, and he sprang into action. Arthur M. Atilano witnessed the events. He said, "One of the kids got pulled by the current and brought him in the deep area below the pier. Then, two teenagers tried to save the kid. The two teenagers were also pulled to the deep water. That was when they started calling for help." Students and staff of Zamboanga's MEIN College were enjoying a day at the beach, celebrating the college's "Foundation Day," when the three students got caught in the dangerous current and were dragged into deep, unsafe water. "The water current that day was incredibly strong; even the LCT [a 65-ton naval vessel] could not dock at the pier," said Sgt. Sausha T. Jones of the JSOTF-P. Gonzalez was in the area performing logistics work. Seeing and hearing the situation begin to unravel, he quickly dove headfirst into the water and went for the most exhausted swimmer first.  Grabbing the victim around the chest, Gonzalez swam him to the nearest pier piling, which served as a makeshift life-preserver. Telling the student to hold the piling as tightly as possible, Gonzalez swam back out for the other two distressed swimmers, pulling them both through the current to the nearest pier piling. "I was so tired and exhausted, I could not hang on [to the piling] and accepted that I was going to die," said the first swimmer Gonzalez rescued. Seeing Philippine Navy personnel throwing floatation devices down to the distressed swimmers, Gonzalez shouted out words of encouragement to hang on a little longer. Upon reaching the beach, Philippine Navy medics tended to the victims. After it was clear the students were ashore and in good hands, Gonzalez left the growing crowd of onlookers, unnoticed. He got back in his vehicle and, despite several cuts on his arms, hands, legs, and feet, returned to duty. army.com 2 Dec 08

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  • Brig. General Roger McClellan pins the Soldier’s Medal on the tunic of Maj. Steven Hall Major Steven Hall Receives Soldier's Medal, Highest Peacetime Award Major Steven Hall and Chief Warrant Officer Ricky Bullinger received the Solider's Medal for risking their lives to help rescue a woman who was in danger of drowning or electrocution at the Lake Hamilton Resort in Hot Springs. "On August 23, 2008, the Garland County Sheriff's Department responded to an electrocution/drowning at the Lake Hamilton Resort on Lake Hamilton. "Three people, a fourteen-year-old girl, a seven-year-old boy, and a forty year-old woman were swimming in the lake by the dock area when the automatic lights came on. A short caused the dock and water to become electrified. Major Steven Hall and CWO Bullinger were in the dock area and heard the screaming. Major Hall jumped into the water and was shocked to the point that his muscles were paralyzed and he sank. Major Hall was able to come back up to the top of the water and assist CWO Bullinger with a rescue of the woman who was stuck on a metal ladder on the dock. CWO Bullinger said he touched the lady and was shocked. They were able to break the woman free from the ladder with Bullinger stating he received a bad shock from this action. They were also able to rescue the woman's son. Major Hall was still in the water trying to find the fourteen-year-old girl, Sara Crotts. CWO Bullinger joined Major Hall in the water to look for the girl. They continued diving for about 15 minutes but were unable to find her, and each time they entered the water, they were shocked. ashleycountyledger.com 11 Jan 10
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