Updated: 29 September, 2008


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Decorations, Medals and Ribbons worn by His Majesty the King of Tonga in 1995/96

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1. Cross (1966 Issue) (Ribbon 41mm wide)

2. Cross (Pre 1965 Issue) (Ribbon 41mm wide)

3. Royal Tongan Medal of Merit (1st Class in Gold)(1971) (Ribbon 42mm wide - There is a thin black stripe missing between the white and yellow on each side)

4. His Majesty The King of Tonga's Coronation Jubilee Medal   (4 July, 1992) (Ribbon 38mm wide)

5. Tonga Defence Force General Service Medal (4 July, 1995) (Ribbon 38mm wide)

6. Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal (6 June, 1977) (Ribbon 32mm wide)

7. Fortjenstmedaljen "Fridericus IX Rex Daniae (Galathea 1950-1952)" (Medal of Merit - Denmark) (Ribbon 28mm wide)

8. Australian Legion of Frontiersmen Medal of Merit (Gold) (Ribbon 32mm wide)

9. Australian Legion of Frontiersmen Medal of Merit (Gold) (Former ribbon) (Ribbon 32mm wide)

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Photo of Cross (1966 Issue) & Cross (Pre 1965 issue)

(REF: C. Neville Packett, MBE, KStJ, JP, MA. FRSA, FRGS, FBIBA, ACTI. Also with special thanks to  John D. McMeekin for sending in the information)